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Our History

and the George Waite Stakes trophy

The North of England Cocker Spaniel Association was established in 1942 by John Connolly for the benefit of our breed, the English Cocker Spaniel. We welcome all exhibitors and enthusiasts to our shows. We hold a championship show bi-annually as well as open shows and other events.

John Connolly our founder was appointed as our first secretary followed by John Owen. Dick Keenan was a supporter of the Association and later became president. 

George Waite Memorial Stakes Trophy

In more recent years the late George Waite supported the Association and was an honorary member. A great man who the Association was pleased to honour in 2014 through the introduction of the George Waite Memorial Stakes.

Album of the George Waite Memorial Stakes Trophy winners

Left: Hilary's Sheigra Mr Snuggles 2014

Right: Weirdene Wake up at Helenwood JW 2015

Many thanks to Rob Lowery for making and gifting the trophy 

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