North of England Cocker Spaniel Association

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Judge: Christine Littlemore (Krismore)
Robertson's Kastrian Temptation
Mitchell's Glowhill Cotton Eyed Joe
Grice's Kyna Vagabond
Nugent's Nulea Blue Moon
Marris-Bray's Sh Ch Helenwood Crystal Maze

Class 1 MPD (AC): 1st Nulea's Blue Moon

Class 2 MPB (AC): 1st: Pretty's Jayzander Hello Dolly to Joaldy

                                2nd: Nugent's Nulea Blue Sapphire

Class 3 PD (AC):  1st Grice's Kyna Vagabond

                               2nd Platt's Charbonnel Whisky n' Soda

                               3rd Carr's Dosecor Blue Sapphire

Class 4 PB (AC):  1st Robertson's Kastrian Illustration 
                               2nd Bradbury's Sandlauga Sweet Sensation

Class 5 Maiden       1st Platt's Charbonnel Whisky n' Soda

Dog or Bitch (AC):   2nd Robertson's Kastrian Illustration

                                 3rd: Morris' Riondel Monterey Blues

                                 Res:  Carr's Dosecor Blue Sapphire   

                                 VHC: Prydderch's Rosie Black Rock

Class 6 JD (AC):    1st: Mitchell's Glowhill Cotton Eyed Joe

                                2nd: Holt's Plaiglen Go Get Em at Hailstorm

Class 7 JB (AC):    1st: McBride's Charbonnel Life'nSoul at Topday

                                2nd: Linton's Jalankiu Flirtation with Ludzska

                                3rd: Sutton's Shirepark Tiffani'Blue

Class 8 Novice          1st: Robertson's Kastrian Illustration

Dog/Bitch                   2nd: Pretty and Davies' Kerriglow Together with Joaldy

Black/Gold/B&T          3rd: Linton's Jalankiu Flirtation with Ludzska

 Liver                           Res: Bradbury's Sandlauga Sweet Sensation

                                    VHC: Prydderch's Rosie Black Rock

Class 9 Novice:         1st: Platt's Charbonnel Whisky n' Soda

Dog or Bitch (AC)      2nd: Marsden's Shanaz Stone of Destiny

Class 10 Yearling Dog (AC): no entries

Class 11 Yearling:    1st: Hughes' Glantraeth Time to Dream

Bitch (AC)                 2nd: Beever's Glantraeth Candy Kisses

                                  3rd: Sutton's Shirepark Tiffani' Blue

Class 12:                  1st Marris-Bray's Weirdene Wizardry at Helenwood

Graduate Dog          2nd O'Brien'sTrilo Joe


Class 13:                 1st Platt's Charbonnel Another Dream

Graduate Bitch


Class 14:                   1st Robertson's Kastrian Temptation

PG Dog/bitch            2nd O'Briens'sTrilo Joe




Class 15:                 1st Hambley's Topday Blue Pearl


Class 16:                 1st  Hughes' Glantraeth Time to Dream

Special Bred by       2nd Morris' Riondel Manhatton Transfer

Exhibitor:                 3rd Prydderch's Rosie Black Rock

Dog/bitch                  Res O'Briens'Trilo Joe

Class 17:                 1st Platt's Nancy Du Domaine D'Haisha at Charbonnel (Imp Bel)           

Special not               2nd Marris-Bray's Weirdene Wake up at Helenwood JW

Bred by 

Exhibitor Dog/

Bitch (AC)

Class 18:                 1st  Pretty and Davies' Kerriglow Fable with Joaldy JW

Open Dog (AC)       2nd Hambley's Topday Midnight Light

Class 19:                1st Marris-Bray's Helenwood Gift Wrapped

Open Bitch             2nd Needham's Merryhaze Thats Jazz


Class 20:                 1st Marris-Bray's Sh Ch Helenwood Crystal Maze

Veteran Dog            2nd Needham's Merryhaze Martini

/Bitch (AC)               3rd McBride's Richian Shanghai at Topday

                                 Res Oakes & Kita-Oakes Jalankiu Odd Job

                                 VHC Marsden's Salabah Star Shower