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2014 Open Show Results

Top Honours

Judge: Yvonne Billows (Robil)

   Best in Show

   Burns' Villaspaniola Silk 'n' Steel

   Reserve Best in Show/BOS

   McBride's Topday Show Me the Ropes

   Best Puppy in Show

   Whitting's Annilan Miss Sing

   Reserve Best Puppy in Show

   Hughes' Glantraeth Time to Dream

   Best Veteran in Show

   Oakes' Jalankiu Odd Job

Class Results



Class 1: Minor Puppy Dog (Any Colour)

1st:      Clydesian Achates

2nd:     Sandlauga Sharp Dressed Man

Class 2: Minor Puppy Bitch (Any Colour)

1st:      Annilan Miss Sing

2nd:     Adrona Diamond Delight

3rd:     Clydesian Arora

Res:    Edasiy Noir Diamond Wish

VHC:   Withiflor Bluebelle for Wilanorah

Class 3: Puppy Dog (Any Colour)

1st:      Haradwater Make Me Smile at Shaggylands 

               (Imp Prt)

2nd:     Sharemead Tan Doori

Class 4: Puppy Bitch (Any Colour)

1st:      Glantraeth Time to Dream

2nd:     Liberty Bella at Jennobar

3rd:      Glantraeth Candy Kisses

Res:     Sharemead Golden Locks

Class 5: Junior Dog (Any Colour)

1st:      Sandlauga Man of Fashion

2nd:     Manlinson Seeds of Joy

Class 6: Junior Bitch (Any Colour)

1st:      Liberty Bella at Jennobar

2nd:     Shaggylands Touch of Class

3rd:      Slick Chick

Res:     Abilou's Chamber of Secrets

Class 7: Maiden Dog or Bitch (Any Colour)

Both entries absent

Class 8: Novice Dog or Bitch (Black, Gold, Black and Tan, Liver)

1st:      Jasuebelle Tanfastic

Class 9: Novice Dog or Bitch (Any other Colour)

1st:      Olym Liquorice Stick

2nd:     Slick Chick

3rd:      Abilou's Chamber of Secrets

Class 10: Yearling Dog (Any Colour)

1st:      Bencleuch Big Bang at Shirepark

Class 11: Yearling Bitch (Any Colour)

1st:      Design for Gold by Edasiy

2nd:     Sharemead Special Blend

3rd       Slick Chick

Class 12: Graduate Dog (Any Colour)

1st:      Trilo Joe

2nd:     Drewrimic Alphamale

3rd:      Helenwood Amabovvered

Class 13: Graduate Bitch (Any Colour)

1st:      Sharemead Special Blend

Class 14: Post Graduate Dog or Bitch (Black, Gold, Black and Tan or Liver)

1st:      Sheigra Stargazer JW

2nd:     Helenwood Integrity JW

3rd:      Trilo Joe

Res:     Adrona Daydream Rising

VHC:    Drewrimic Alphamale

Class 15: Post Graduate Dog or Bitch (Any Other Colour)

1st:      Topday Blue Pearl

Class 16: Special Bred by Exhibitor Dog or Bitch (Any Colour)

1st:      Sheigra Sugar Daddy with Donmyl JW

2nd:     Jasuebelle Black Magic

3rd:      Adrona Rumour Has It

Res:     Hebdene High Flyer

VHC:    Design for Gold by Edasiy

Class 17: Special not Bred By Exhibitor Dog or Bitch (Any Colour)

1st:      Olym Liquorice Stick

2nd:     Weirdene Wake Up at Helenwood

3rd:      Sheigra Mr Snuggles at Edasiy

Res:     Kyna Swagman

VHC:    Sandlauga Man of Fashion

Class 18: Open Dog (Any Colour)

1st:      Topdy Show Me the Ropes

2nd:     Lindridge Smart Move

3rd:      Olym Liquorice Stick

Res:     Chativore Cortez

VHC:    Weirdene Wake Up at Helenwood

Class 19: Open Bitch (Any Colour)

1st:      Villaspaniol Silk and Steel

2nd:     Annilann Miss Is Zippy JW

3rd:      Sheigra Shining Star JW

Res:     Sharemead Sal Tan Pepper

VHC:    Slick Chick

Class 20: Veteran (Any Colour)

1st:      Jalankiu Odd a Job

2nd:     SH CH Helenwood Crystal Maze

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