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Open Show 8th November 2015: Judges Critique

North of England Cocker Spaniel Open Show

8th November 2015

Judge Christine Littlemore (Krismoor)

Thanks to the committee for the kind invitation, super welcome and hospitality and to all the exhibitors for showing under me .

Class 1: MPD (any colour) (2,1) 1 Nugent Nulea Blue moon 8mth blue roan dog with good head, kind expression, correct topline well ribbed with good depth of body for his age, plenty of bone, well turned stifle, moved soundly. RBPIS

Class 2: MPB (any colour) (4,2) 1 Pretty Jayzander Hello Dolly to Joaldy blue roan bitch 8mth of age with feminine expression, lovely dark eye, well sprung ribcage, tight compacted feet, short coupled, moved very soundly. 2 Nugent Nulea Blue Saphire 8mth blue roan lovely head of correct preportion, dark eye, good bone and muscle, firm feet, well presented, sound mover.

Class 3: PD (any colour) (3,3) 1 Grice Kyna Vagabond really loved this young blue roan dog 11mths lovely head and expression square muzzle, muscular in to good lay back of shoulders, well sprung rib, short coupled, good bone and substance, strong hocks, moved effortlessly covering the ground with ease, pleased to award him BPIS 2 Platt Charbonnel Whisky N’Soda orange roan dog with good head and lovely neck set into good shoulders, held topline well on the move, would have liked more body on him, which I am sure he will get as he matures, he has a bright future a head of him.

Class 4: PB (any colour) (4,2) 1 Robertson Kastrian Illustration 11mths old blk bitch, sweet head and expression, good length of neck, well balanced, well boned with well rounded rear end but lacked drive on move 2 Bradbury Sandlauga sweet sensation solid bitch with head of correct proportion with feminine head, good length of neck into good shoulders, well sprung ribs, larger type than1st.

Class 5: Maiden Dog or Bitch (AC) (8,5) 1 Platt Charbonnel Whisky N’Soda. 2 Robertson Kastrian Illustration.

Class 6: JD (any colour) (4,2) 1 Mitchell Glowhill Cotton Eyed Joe blue roan dog of real substance and quality, well muscled throughout, head clean cut and neatly chiselled, strong forearm, excellent topline, lovely depth of brisket, sound mover, pleased to award him RBIS BOS. 2 Holt Plaiglen Go Get em at Hailstorm most attractive expression, good lay back of shoulders and length of neck, not as compacted and head not as defined as 1st very merry mover.

Class 7: JB (any colour) (4,1) 1Platts Charbonnel Life N Soul at Topday blue roan nice dark eye, strong in bone, good depth chest, well ribbed, stifle well turned, short in back. 2 Linton Jalankiu Flirtation with Ludzska sweet headed blk bitch, strong body, plenty of neck. I preferred the slightly more compact outline of winner.

Class 8: Novice Dog or Bitch (BLK/GLD/BLK,TAN/L) (6,6) 1 Kastrian Illustration 2 Pretty-Davis Kerriglow Together with Joaldy blk bitch sweet head preferred the stronger head on 1st, deep ribbing, strong topline, moved soundly.

Class 9: Novice Dog or Bitch AOC (2,2) Platt Charbonnel Whisky N’Soda 2 Marsden Shanaz Stone of Destiny blk and wht dog, owners first time ever at a show, he did very well, he had good head and neck lacked coat.

Class 10: Yearling Dog AC (0,0)

Class 11: Yearling Bitch AC (5,2) 1Hughes Glantraeth Time to Dream blue roan bitch lovely well shaped head, ears nicely set, short back with level topline, neat feet, well coated 2 Beever Glantraeth Candy Kisses dark blue bitch with lovely feminine expression, good flow of neck into shoulders, deep chest, well bent stifle, showed and moved well, just lacked coat 

Class 12: Graduate Dog AC (2,2) 1 Marris Bray Weirdene Wizardry at Helenwood red dog with typical head of good proportion, nice eye and dark pigment, well muscled strong bone, free moving in the ring 2 O’Brien Trilo Joe sweet head and expression dark eye, body of good depth, moved well i just preferred the overall outline and balance of 1st.

Class 13: Graduate Bitch AC (2,1) 1 Platts Charbonnel Another Dream pretty gold bitch, lovely dark eye, well shaped head, plenty of neck of good length, deep chest, strong stifles, well let down hocks, just lacked coat.

Class 14: Post Grad Dog or Bitch (blk/gld/blktan/liver) 1 Robertson KastrianTemptation beauitful black bitch with the most adorable disposition, her tail never stopped, pretty head with nice ear set, good strong neck. correct level topline, front of good proportion, short and cobby, well angulated rear, really filled my eye in the line up and on the move, pleased to award her B.I.S 2 O’Brien Trilo Joe

Class 15: Post Grad AOC (3,2) 1 Hambley Topday Blue Pearl blue bitch of good size and type, sound in body, attractive head, plenty of neck, well sprung ribs, well presented, moved well 

Class 16: Special Bred by Exh AC (7,2) Dog or Bitch 1 Hughes Glantraeth Time to Dream 2 Morris Riondel Manhatton Transfer dark blue dog, masculine head, well sprung ribcage nice depth body. Well muscled hindquarters, didn’t want to move today.

Class 17: Special Not Bred by Exh Dog or Bitch AC (5,2) 1 Platts Nancy Du Domaine D’Haisha at Charbonnel (Imp Bel) a compact blue bitch, sweet feminine head and lovely expression, defined stop and well shaped skull, pleasing topline good bend of stifle, moved well 2 Marris Bray Weirdene Wake up at Helenwood, blk dog, strong head, good reach of neck, compact, moved well.

Class 18: Open Dog AC (3,1) 1 Pretty&Davis Kerriglow Fable with Joaldy JW black dog good shaped head, correct ear set, good forequarters, strong bone, deep chest, tail well set and put to good use 2 Hambley Topday Midnight Light blue dog in good coat and condition, well bodied, moved well.

Class 19: Open Bitch AC (2,2) 1 Marris Bray Helenwood Gift Wrapped head of good shape, tight eye of lovely dark colour, nice neck of good length with level topline, front strong and well boned with well sprung rib, moved merrily 2 Needham Merryhaze Thats Jazz black bitch sweet head, preferred head of 1st, good strong bone, compact feet, well coated moved well.

Class 20: Veteran Dog or Bitch AC (5,5) SH CH Helenwood Crystal Maze gorgeous blue roan bitch 81/2 yrs, well proportioned head, lovely square muzzle, and ear set, sweet gentle expression, lovely neck and lay back of shoulders, short coupled, with strong rear end, merry on the move, stood out in the class. BV 2 Needham Merryhaze Martini 10yrs old blue bitch, lovely balanced head, good stop, strong bone, short coupled with pleasing depth body, well let down hocks.

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