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Open Show: 13th November 2016

Results and Critique

Judge Jeff Horswell

A friendly show, ideal hall, and super lunch made for an enjoyable day. Sadly rather a lot of absentees on the day, but still some quality competition. Congratulations on the conditioning of your Cockers, without exception they were beautifully muscled up.

Minor Puppy D. (3 abs)

Minor Puppy B (5,1)

1. Pendledell Alice Blue Gown

V promising pup, full of bounce and fun, as they all were. She has a fem head, of correct width and balance. Dark eyes. Lengthy neck into well laid shoulders. Good width of chest. Well sprung ribs. Loin could be v slightly shorter. Well made rear with low hocks. Moved v well. BP

2. Blueacre Forget Me Not

Liked her outline and balance. She has a feminine head. Lengthy neck. Well made in front. Well ribbed. Super muscle. Not quite as positive in hind action as yet.

3. Manlinson Living the Dream with Ludzska

Puppy D (5,3)

1. Kalispell Kisim Kelpie

Masc d, slightly long cast, but v well made. Well proportioned masc head. Good stop with a squared off muzzle. Correct length of neck with a well laid shoulder. Could have a little more width of chest. Big ribs. Firm topline. Correct slope to croup. Well made and muscled rear. Easy profile action.

2. Topday Hugo Boss

Liked his outline stood and beautifully presented. He has a v good head with lovely expression. Could have a little more neck and better laid shoulder. Liked his width of front. Well sprung ribs. Level topline. Low hocks.

Puppy B (2 abs)

Maiden D/B (1)

1. Sandlauga Foxy Lady

V much a baby, went much better here than in the minor puppy class, settled and really using her tail. Fem in head. Ok for neck. She just needs to all come together.

Junior D (2)

1. Kyna Smooth Criminal with Villaspaniol

Thought him very Cockery. Liked his balance. Masc head, correct balance of muzzle and skull, dark, expressive eyes. Correct length neck. Well laid shoulders. Can still tighten in feet. Fairly well sprung ribs. Short loin. Level topline with a correct tail set. Well bent stifle with low hocks. Moved well, lengthy stride and used tail all the time. RBIS

2. Nicibec Misunderstood

V well put down, he has a masc head, good length of muzzle and skull. Lengthy neck. Well laid shoulder and a good return of upper arm. Slightly tied at elbow. Well ribbed with a deep chest. Would prefer a little less hind angulation.

Junior B (2)

1. Nicibec Mischievous

V bouncy girl, having fun and tail never stops. She has a well balanced head, just a little lippy maybe. Strong neck of correct length. Well laid shoulder. Super feet. Big ribs. Could have a little less hind angulation and her topline slopes slightly. V good mover with typical profile.

2. Glenntree Carousel with Adrona

Sweet b with a pleasing head. She is fairly well made, but all just needs to come together. Feet could be better. Holds a level topline.

Novice D/B. Black, gold BT/Liver (3,1)

1. Sylvanna Spirit of Life for Dreamist

Quite shapely. Fem head with eye colour suiting her coat colour. Enough neck. Quite a good front. Level topline. Fair spring of rib. Short loin. Well bent stifle and low hocks. Accurate on move, could be slightly more animated.

2. Sandlauga Foxy Lady

Novice D/B. AOC (1)

1. Shanaz Stone of Destiny

Square outline, full of himself and needs to be slightly more settled on the table. Typical head. Could have a little more neck. Well balanced and moderate in angulation. Ribs can spring more. Holds a level topline. V well muscled up.

Yearling D (1)

1. 1. Dreamist Rock ‘n’ Rye at Colmeir

Masc and square d. He has a pleasing head, squared off muzzle. Correct stop. Could have a little more neck. Fair front, just a little wide coming towards. Ribs go well back to a short loin. Firm topline. Moderate hind angulation. His balance give a v good profile action.

Yearling B (6,1)

This was a v competitive class

1. Kastrian Illistration

Really lovely black b, totally fem all through., compact in outline. She has a v good head. Lengthy neck. Well laid shoulder and good return of upper arm. She has better width of chest and feet than 2. Super ribs. Short loin. Level topline. V good rear. Accurate out and back and has a typical profile gait. Lots of quality. BIS

2. Canyonn Classic Symphony

She too has a super outline. Lovely head. Super neck. Quite a well made front, just rather close moving towards. Super ribs, firm loin. V good rear, which she uses well on the move.

3. Bencleuch Beyond Dreams for Villaspaniol

Graduate D (1 abs)

Graduate B (5,1)

1. Adrona Diamond Delight

Very type b whose accuracy out and back gave her the class. She has a fem head, dark eyes with good expression. Lengthy neck. Quite a well made front. Could loose some weight over her shoulders. Well sprung ribs, that go well back. Well made rear, low hocks. V good profile action, holding a level topline.

2. Dreamist Pinky Pirata

Lots to admire about her as well. She has a fem head. Cou,d have a little more neck. Fair front, although turns feet out slightly. Big ribs. Level topline. Well bent stifle with low hocks.

Post Grad D/B Black, gold BT/Liver (2,1)

1. Rosie Black Rock

Very typy and well made b, carrying too much weight. Head could perhaps be slightly more refined. Lengthy neck. Well laid shoulder. Big ribs. Level topline. Rear is well muscled up. Accurate out and back but tended to pace.

Post Grad D/B. AOC. Ne

Special Bred by Exhibitor (5,2)

1. Annaside Shining Star

V typy b, pretty head, which is well balanced with squared off muzzle. Lengthy neck. Well laid shoulder, slightly short in upper arm. Good fill and width of chest. Big ribs. Short loin. Firm topline. Well bent stifle with low hocks. V good mover out and back.

2. Canyonn Classical Music

She too is v typy with a compact body. Lengthy head, correct stop. Ok neck. Slightly forward in shoulder and licks up front feet a little. Well sprung ribs. Firm loin. Well bent stifle and low hocks, uses her rear v well.

3. Dreamist Pinky Pirata

Special not bred by Exhibitor (5,3)

1. Kalispell Kapow

Masc d all through, full of himself and tail never stops. Pleasing, male head. Lovely eye and expression. Fairly Lengthy neck. Could have a little more width in front. Big ribs with chest to his elbow. Short loin. V good topline with well set tail. Strong rear. Typy mover.

2. AShanaz Stone of Destiny

Open D (4 abs)

Open B (5,4)

1. Merryhaze That’s Jazz

Really well muscled, compact b, who moved well. She has a lovely head. Correct balance, square in muzzle. Lengthy neck, good front. Just a bit heavy over the shoulders. Well ribbed, level in topline. Well made rear.

Veteran D/B (2)

1. Dreamist Chasing Rainbows

He has a lengthy head of correct width, square in muzzle. Enough neck. Quite a good front. Well sprung ribs. Level topline. Could be better in croup. Accurate out and back. BV.

2. Annaside Ray of Sunshine

V typy d,. Different head type, but still v good. Lengthy neck. Well made front. Topline not quite what it once might have been. Well bent stifle. Fair hocks.

Jeff Horswell

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